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Nekhamin Daniil
You are a business owner, and contextual advertising is the main source of sales for your company

Have you faced these problems?

A well-known contextual advertising agency failed to fulfill its duties
Advertising budget is increasing, while profit, on the contrary, is decreasing
Performers may not be reachable for a week
The advertising budget is spent "blindly" and without analytics
I have solved each of these tasks
for my clients
Cases of increasing company profits from $6,500 to $150,000 per month
A doubling of sales at an elite project-construction company
An advertising budget of $148,500 a year for Google Ads and Yandex Direct
Was: two clients a month with ineffective Yandex.Direct advertising
Became: five customers a month, with Google AdWords as the primary source of the largest deals, which had previously been unjustly forgotten
A savings of $6,467 a month for an online electric vehicle store
An advertising budget of $227,000 a year for Direct and Google Ads.
Was: an online store with an advertising budget of $1,180 a month
Became: a leader in the sales niche of electric vehicles in Moscow with a contextual advertising budget of over $16,000 a month
A one-and-a-half-fold increase in sales at a wholesale children's food company
Google Ads and Yandex.Direct advertising budget of $8740 a year
Was: Ten sales managers with cold calls throughout Russia
Became: A website in conjunction with Yandex.Direct and Google Ads contextual advertising began to bring in wholesale orders of up to $158,060, managers began to work on incoming calls, and cold calls "went out of style".
A fifty thousand dollar increase in turnover per month at a showroom of elite women's clothing vitabrava.ru
An advertising budget of $43,700 a year for Yandex Direct and AdWords.
Was: one successful evening fashion boutique with minimal ineffective advertising
Became: one of the leaders in the niche of graduation dresses, with two large sales outlets in the center of Moscow
90% that you
have these errors
Are you losing profit due to the
lack of accountability of performers?
Соотношение аудитории Яндекс и Google в России по январь 2017 года
There is advertising in Google Ads but no advertising in Yandex
You are missing out on 50% of orders if your Yandex advertising is switched off and your audience is in Eastern Europe. Properly set up Yandex.Direct can bring in a lot of customers in the CIS, as the competition there is lower.
Динамика изменения цены за клик в Директе в течение дня
Advertising is turned
off at night
Advertising at night brings in a lion's share of orders, you just need to specify the working hours in the ad and call customers in the morning.

After 11 pm, the click price drops by two to three times, even in the most competitive topics.
Сквозная аналитика контекстной рекламы
It is unknown which ads bring in money
Do you know which advertising campaigns generate leads and calls for you? If not, then it is time to start worrying seriously about the qualifications or diligence of your current performers.
Пример правильного объявления в Google AdWords
Ads are several times less than those of competitors.
If your current specialist hasn't taken the time to connect all the extensions in Google or Yandex.Direct, you are paying 30-50% more for a click than your competitors.
Пример рекламы по конкурентам в Яндекс Директ
No competitor brand queries are used
Using keywords of your competitors' company names can be very cheap to attract customers to your website. In topics with high checks, this trick is a real lifesaver.
There is no clear advertising structure
Have you ever encountered situations where some target keywords were suddenly omitted in your advertising? Or where the advertisement was running for a direction or service that was not of interest to you at all?
My last post was about reducing the search click price by 1.5 times by eliminating fake impressions on Yandex Direct search
Read the article about impression boosting!
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